Throwback Thursday

Thursday is becoming my favorite day of the week. Why? Because 1) it’s almost Friday, and 2) I’m super excited about our new series: Throwback Thursday.

This weekly blog post is dedicated to all that vintage memorabilia that’s still kicking around the office. Stacks of work orders dating back to the 80‘s. Drawings of repairs that nobody can quite identify. Faded, rained-on, mudded-on, torn up maps that require a good set of beer-goggles to decipher.

These are photos submitted by our customers showing off the way they did things before Elements came around. Before the days of mobile work orders and GIS integration. Before web-based software. Before utility billing integration, and certainly before iPads. These were the days of good ol’ pen, paper, rolled up maps, and nifty notebooks.

Since implementing Elements for GIS-based asset and work order management, the stacks of paper are disappearing – bad news for Dunder Mifflin, good news for our customers.

More photos to come – so sit back, enjoy, and we’ll catch you next week on Throwback Thursday. In the mean time, check out our photo album over on Facebook and give some photos a “like” or two.

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