Software for Santa

Yes, Virginia. Santa uses Elements.
Yes, he has a lightning fast hot rod sleigh. And magic reindeer. And countless elves at his disposal… but the real magic of Christmas is not really magic at all (sorry) – it’s actually just great software. Plain and simple. Santa uses Elements.

Lap Visits
Whenever a child sits on Santa’s lap, a photo of the child is automatically uploaded to Santa’s Elements database and tied to the child’s customer account where Santa can see siblings, parents, past photos, and notes on past behavior. Depending on what the child asks for (and how the child behaves during the visit), the child is flagged as either Naughty or Nice and notes are made accordingly. Babies who cry when they sit on his lap for the first time are still typically flagged as Nice, unless they try to bite him (in which case the child’s account gets put on a special watch list for next year).

How do the elves keep track of which toys they’ve completed, which toys are waiting on parts, which toys are on hold, and which toys have been cancelled (due to naughty behavior)? Easy. Purchase Orders, Item Receipts, Service Orders, and Inventory Management in Elements all play a key role. Repair requests and ticket management are also used heavily by the elf bosses.

List Management
When parents (or elves on shelves) notice bad behavior, photos and complaints are submitted (via the web) and the data is linked to the child’s account where Santa regularly pulls reports to see how many children are falling from the Nice list to the Naughty list and vice versa.

Routing & Toy Distribution
This is where the real magic happens. Santa is very fond of the web-based technology and HTML5 map integration – the maps look great on his iPad and it allows him to route the entire planet, flagging which toys go to which kids. Geofencing and automated alerts notify Santa which chimneys are coming up and which homes have the good treats.

Snack Control
You better believe Mr. Claus keeps track of who is leaving treats, how many, and the quality of these treats. Treat quality is also taken into consideration while the delivery route is being processed to make sure that Santa gets the best snacks when he needs them most (we typically find that homes with the best snacks get visited earlier in the evening).

Error Correction and Missed Homes
It’s hard to believe, but every now and then Santa misses a house (usually due to poor data coverage in that super-fast sled of his). When this happens Santa can quickly look to his map to find which homes were missed and find the quickest way to get down the missed chimney, deliver the goods and grab a snack. Once the gifts have been delivered, Santa simply marks the work order as “Complete” and all of the elves back at headquarters are notified accordingly.

Sleigh Maintenance
Everyone knows there’s no room for mistakes here. Rocket-Blaster Fuel levels are monitored closely; scheduled maintenance tasks for landing lights and chimney expanders (yes – chimney expanders – how do you think he gets down those skinny chimneys?) are also managed in Elements. This year’s high tech sleigh uses a synthetic blend of rocket blaster fuel and pixie dust – levels of which are monitored closely in Elements.

So there you have it – when you open your presents this year you can thank the guys at Novotx who work day and night to make sure Christmas goes off without a hitch.

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