Ready, Set, Go (Offline!)

In a perfect world everyone would have lightning fast internet throughout their entire service area and all communication between field and office staff would be real-time.

The cold hard truth is that the 49ers lost the Superbowl, I wake up every morning and go to work (not the beach), and lots of Elements users have limited or no internet access in the field.

Although Elements XS can’t do anything about the Superbowl outcome, it can provide a viable solution for folks without internet access in the field.

The process is simple:

1. Check out your stuff. 

Take a look at the list of jobs assigned to you, then decide what you’re going to take with you.  The check out process takes your work orders offline and stores them on your local device.  This also locks out the work orders so other users don’t make changes and unintentionally undo all of your hard work.

Offline Mode Check Data Out

2. Do your work. 

Instead of being mad that you don’t have internet access, just fill out the work order on your local device.

Offline Install Meter

3. Check it back in.

Once you’ve filled out the work on your local device (and you’re back in an area with internet service) just check the data back in to the office.

That’s it.  The entire process is pretty under-complicated really, and that’s how we like to keep things around here.

If you want to see it in action, just let us know.

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