iPads, Androids, Surfaces, & Mobile GIS-Based Asset Management

This morning I grabbed a few screenshots from my iPad and thought it might be good to quickly review the mobile side of Elements XS.

When it comes to mobile access, our primary objectives are to:

  1. Provide a streamlined interface designed specifically for mobile devices
  2. Provide real-time read / write access to ArcGIS data without copying or synchronizing data
  3. Provide a streamlined interface for users to access data and input labor, materials, equipment costs, and other asset & work management data
  4. Provide real-time read / write access to and from utility billing and other third-party applications where necessary

That being said, here are a couple of screenshots showing how we do this.

Here’s what we call the “Tablet Workspace” – in this case, we’re looking at an interface designed specifically for fat fingers (skinny fingers will work too) and a tablet (iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, etc.).  The screenshot below shows where the user can get a quick look at work that’s assigned to them – they can also use this interface to organize and prioritize their work for the day:

Here’s how a field tech can see the details of the day’s work on his iPad:

Here’s where users can use their tablet device to add inventory, labor, equipment costs, and fill out other details related to the job:

Here’s how the utility billing integration can be displayed on a tablet device – pulling information in real-time from the utility billing application and posting information back to the billing software where necessary:

Take a picture using the camera on the iPad and attach the picture to the job:

Use the iPad to see where this job is on the map:

Here’s how we use HTML5 maps on tablet devices – giving full access to ArcGIS & other asset details:

If you want to learn more about Elements XS and our approach to mobile asset management let us know!

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