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Acquired by Trimble in 2019, Cityworks is a massive product owned by an even more massive company.  As the original Cityworks product continues to morph into the Trimble ecosystem, Novotx continues to deliver new ideas and consistent innovation to utilities and local governments.

Time for something different and better

A unified platform with faster deployments, better maps, and unmatched flexibility for the ideal user experience.

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Consistently delivering innovation for 20 years.


Owned by ourselves, never acquired, never taken outside money.


People using our tech daily, across the US and internationally.

Why choose Novotx over Cityworks?

Cityworks is a huge platform that does a lot. With that, comes the complexities of getting someone to hear you.

Navigating tech support and getting someone to care about your good ideas in a global, publicly-traded company can be tricky.

Easier access to better support

When you call us for support you'll be talking with the same people who are already familiar with your system and your deployment, likely in the same time zone as you.

Driven by you, not shareholders

We're proud to be self-funded, built from the ground up, never acquired. With that comes the freedom to build what our customers want, not what our shareholders think the market wants.

Fresh, modern tech

Old houses can have good bones, but old software does not. Our smaller customer base and focused product portfolio lets us deliver fresh ideas quickly. 

Our solutions

One unified platform, built by the same team, designed to work together from the ground up.

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Elements XS

Asset Management

Elements XS is our flagship product and sits at the core of our tech stack. This unique asset management platform hits heavy, making asset and work management a breeze.

More on Asset Management
citizen submitting a request

Connect + Elements XS

Citizen Requests

Our Connect application is a front-facing portal that provides out-of-the box solutions for citizens and other constituents to report incidents and interact with your business.

More on Citizen Requests
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Connect + Elements XS

Permits & Applications

Connect can do much more than process citizen requests; this ultra-flexible platform can be custom-tailored to collect payments and process any type of inbound application. 

More on Permits
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Moving forward

New technology for a
​positive change

For 20 years we've consistently delivered modern, inventive software to a space thirsty for innovation and polluted by outdated technology.

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Definitely not
​business as usual

Delivering a breath of fresh air to utilities and local governments, all day every day

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What makes us tick

Self-Funded, Always

100% owned by ourselves, self-funded since the beginning.

We're living proof that innovation and customer success thrive when not motivated by someone else's money.

Less Talk, More Action

Unique software and a unique approach to doing business.

Around here we do things differently, staying true to our (admittedly unique) selves. We put substance first, get rid of the fluff, and let our software speak for itself.

Culture Runs Deep

Pride in our software, greater pride in our people. 

The bright minds behind our software are driven by adventure, and passion for our customers' success runs deep in our DNA.

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