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iOS and Android

Both platforms supported, use either or both in your deployment. 

Offline first

Designed for use when connectivity isn't available.

Full of maps

Take your ArcGIS maps offline.

All of our software uses a modern adaptive interface, available on any device 

when there's an internet connection.

When you can't be connected, our mobile apps step in.

Elements XS Field

Supports disconnected field operations by taking existing work offline. Work can be completed on the mobile device and synchronized when internet becomes available.

Elements XS Inventory Control

Designed to streamline inventory control processes. Transfer materials from the shelf to trucks or other locations, perform audits, receive shipments, and more.

Elements XS Field

A focused feature set to take your work offline, then get it back online.

Stay mappy, stay happy

Interact with your GIS data and view your work locations on offline maps. Use Mobile Map Packages (mmpk) for offline vector and raster data and Tile Packages (tpk) for offline tiled packages.

Take your work offline

All standard and custom data fields are supported, along with custom record layouts, labor, materials, photos, and more.

Add that to the list

Build filters (lists) from custom queries and take those lists offline. Filter your local data and quickly find the jobs assigned to you.

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Elements XS Inventory Control

Managing your materials inventory just got easier. You're welcome.

Track where your stuff is

Efficiently transfer materials to and from inventory storage locations, including vehicles, using the camera on your mobile device as a barcode scanner.

Track what you've got

Counting materials on hand and auditing stock levels is quick and easy using your mobile devices camera as a barcode reader. Retrieve current stock levels for the entire warehouse, aisle, shelf, or bin and audit each item. Doing a large audit? Save your progress and come back to it when ready.

Track your shipments

Create items receipts directly on your mobile device to receive shipments against an existing Purchase Order or from scratch.

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