Track every citizen request
In a unified, enterprise platform

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Quick to deploy

Pre-built templates for the most common types of citizen requests among utilities and local governments will get you off to the races in a snap. 

Your maps

Easily see where incidents have been reported along with photos submitted by citizens. Put your own maps in control with the native ArcGIS integration.

One platform

One system, one database, one place for everyone to manage all aspects of inbound requests - from start to finish and everything in-between. 

Track all of your inbound requests with Connect

Time for something different

No need to integrate because it's a unified enterprise system.

We designed and built Connect to seamlessly work with our entire tech stack, delivering the best possible experience for users and citizens.

Experience the Innovation

How we stack up

This is not a one-trick request app, it's an entire enterprise platform used across multiple departments. 

Completely integrated with your GIS, asset management, permits, billing, and more.

Connect + Elements XS

Processes inbound requests for many groups and departments, consolidating technology and reducing software sprawl

Other Portals

Single-purpose request submittals used by limited groups of people, contributing to software sprawl

Automatically processes records directly into the asset management, permitting, and request system

Sends basic emails upon form submittals, requiring duplicate efforts to process data

Direct, real-time integration with Esri's ArcGIS system

Limited GIS integrations

Delivered with a unified enterprise asset management system

Limited integrations to asset or work management systems

See the Difference

Features you'd expect

Innovation that surprises

See the problem

Collect the data you need specific to each type of request with custom fields and data collection forms; submitting photos with requests is simple.

See where it is

Put your own maps at the forefront with our native ArcGIS integration. Decide what map information to share and reference your own public facing maps using ArcGIS. Read More 

See the work, keep them posted

Track work orders and request resolutions using Elements XS, keeping requestors updated throughout the process with automated notifications.

Make it easy

Transparency has never been simpler.

Easy to submit requests

Describe the issue, show where it is on a map, submit photos, and done. Create an account to view past requests, track statuses, and more.

Easy to stay in the loop

Citizens can login at anytime to view and manage their requests. Automated notifications keep everyone in the loop and the direct ArcGIS integration makes it easy to share public-facing maps.

Easy to manage

Tracking everything from the initial problem report to how it was resolved - including costing and full asset management information - is seamless using Connect with Elements XS.

Branded public portal

Design your public facing portal with your logo, images, colors, and more to match your branding.

Flexible processes

Define unique data collection requirements and business process flows for each type of request.

Create the ideal experience

Tailor the citizen experience with unlimited custom fields, forms, and processes

Understand your citizens

Easily report on request types see citizen requests on your maps for better decision making.

Track any problem

Create unlimited types of requests, each with unique datasets and automated processes.

Collect all of the details

Unlimited custom fields and form layouts gives flexibility to collect all of the data you need for any type of request.

Streamline dispatching

Auto-generate field work and automate user assignments based on data collected during the request submittal process.

Keep everyone in the loop

Email, text, and in-app notifications can be configured for practically any scenario - making it easy to keep your constituents updated.

Mobile friendly

Citizens can login anywhere, from any device with an internet connection thanks to the mobile friendly adaptive interface.

Make informed decisions

Gain insight to request trends, locations, and so much more


Bring Your Own Maps, for the win. The direct, seamless integration with Esri's ArcGIS system makes it easy to understand and share where and when things are happening.

Reporting and analytics

Create reports and dashboards in Elements XS that combine request information with asset management data, cost-of-resolution details, trending request types, and much more.

Share your maps

Use your native ArcGIS web maps, apps, and more directly in Connect to share real-time information, creating the best possible experience for citizens submitting requests.

See where thing are happening

All requests and related work can easily be tied to assets, infrastructure, and spatial locations to help you make better informed decisions.

Upgrade your citizen experience

Improve transparency and make better-informed decisions.
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