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Your main squeeze

Elements XS sits at the core of your operations, bringing everything together in a centralized interface for all groups to share information and coordinate efforts.

Maps everywhere

A direct integration with Esri's modern ArcGIS platform leverages your GIS as the singular, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial. 

Your ideal UX

The best possible user experience starts here with the most flexible solution on the market, complete with user-definable automations, forms, datasets and more.

Elements XS logo

One system for everyone

No more switching between integrated apps.
Elements XS is the app.

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Nothing like it

Elements XS has been carefully crafted to balance extreme flexibility with simplicity, practicality, 

and the best possible integration with Esri's ArcGIS system.


One enterprise application built by the same team, bringing everything together in a single interface


Multiple systems acquired then glued together.

Designed and built by different companies over time, using different technologies with different objectives.

What do we mean?

More often than not, when looking at companies offering asset management, citizen requests, permits, and utility billing, you'll find that the individual components have been built by different companies over time, acquired a parent company, then glued together for an attempted integration. 

See the Difference
Map with asset management data

Loads of maps

Eliminate data duplication and GIS synchronization complications by directly accessing your ArcGIS system for a real-time connection, utilizing your GIS as the singular asset repository for all things spatial. Read More

Ultra-flexible, no custom code 

Easily tailor menus, page layouts, data grids, and other interface components to reduce clutter and streamline data collection.

Mobile friendly

Access the app on any device from anywhere, online or offline.

Yes, it can do that

All the tools you need in a single, unified platform

Work order summary

Asset & work management

Track any type of work and all critical details for any asset or infrastructure. Work orders, maintenance, requests, costing, risk and so much more.

Permits and applications

Process online applications, permits, and any other document using Elements XS.

Building permit application
Citizen request document

Citizen requests

Manage inbound requests for downed trees, pot holes, and any other type of incident or request - easily keeping your citizens informed throughout the process.

Reports, dashboards, 
& analytics

Use the included designers to create new or modify pre-built reports in a snap. Leverage the seamless ArcGIS integration for map-based analytics.

dashboard of citizen requests

Adaptive, modern interface

Access the application anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. Take work offline using the native mobile apps.

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Plays well with others

In addition to ArcGIS, Elements XS has been integrated with countless other technologies used by utilities and local government.

utility billing integration

Create your ideal user experience

Easily tailor the interface with unlimited custom fields, forms, and automations


Create unlimited automations to tackle unique business processes like follow-up events, assigning and routing work, sending notifications, and much more.

Work faster with maps

Use the included ArcGIS integration to understand where things are happening and quickly perform actions against multiple assets at once.

Keep everyone in the loop

Setup notifications for practically any scenario to ensure everyone stays updated.

Go unlimited

Create unlimited custom forms, record layouts, lists, fields, automations, and more. 

Tailor the interface

Easily configure menus, page layouts, lists, and much more to deliver the best possible user experience.

Go anywhere

Get work done anywhere on any device, with or without an internet connection.

map with business risk

Don't worry be mappy

Elements XS offers the best possible integration with Esri's ArcGIS system.

Use your native web maps, apps, and more throughout Elements XS.

Ditch the data synchronization

Your GIS acts as the singular, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial.  Elements XS makes synchronizing or copying data to and from your GIS a thing of the past.

map of hydrant inspections

Share your maps

Use ArcGIS to create live public facing maps with real-time asset management, billing, and project information.

map showing high risk assets

Get everyone on the same page

One app, one interface, unlimited potential.

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