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Software for stormwater utilities

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maps with stormwater work orders

Just one system

One interface for asset management, citizen requests, billing, and more. No need to switch between integrated apps because this is the app. Modern, flexible tech delivering a truly unified experience.

Maps everywhere

See where things are happening for better insight and better decisions. Use your native Esri web maps, apps, and more throughout the entire platform to make understanding your data a breeze.

Inspections and more

Easily track any and all inspections, cleaning schedules, and reporting for every asset, everywhere. Managing stormwater infrastructure has never been easier.

Stormwater utilities everywhere trust our platform for asset management, work orders, requests, and so much more.

What our customers say

What makes us unique?


One system, designed to work together from the ground up.

Built and designed by the same team, with the same objective.

Direct, real-time native support for Esri's ArcGIS system throughout the platform


Multiple systems acquired then glued together.

Designed and built by different companies over time, using different technologies with different objectives.

Limited GIS integrations

Time for something different

The first platform for sewer and wastewater that combines asset management, requests, permits, and billing into a single interface. All components built by the same team, with a unified vision.

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map with stormwater work order

Asset management

All the tools you need to manage every asset, prioritize work, and make data-driven decisions. Business risk calculation, asset and condition scoring, optimized maintenance schedules, advanced analytics and so much more.

Requests & work orders

Process inbound requests with a custom branded portal. Create work orders to track labor, materials, and equipment costing information. Keep your citizens informed as work is completed and measure performance against service level commitments.

Inspections & scheduling

Complete MS4 inspections and any other type of inspection anywhere, on any device. Tailor inspections to meet your unique needs with user-definable fields and automations. Scheduling routine inspections and maintenance is a breeze thanks to innovative calendars and scheduling tools.

Transform your stormwater utility

All the tools you need in a single, unified platform

work order with costing details


An industry first, we've built a unified platform that sends your bills, manages your assets, and processes requests in a single interface with a direct, real-time GIS-integration.

Built for stormwater

Pre-built asset and work management templates including asset scoring and business risk parameters for stormwater-specific operations are available. All native Esri water-specific data models are supported and encouraged.

work order
map of work order locations

Use your maps

The best integration with Esri's ArcGIS system you'll find, period. Use your native web maps, apps, and more throughout the platform for the best possible user experience.

Reports, dashboards, 
& analytics

Use the included designers to create new or modify pre-built reports in a snap. Leverage the seamless ArcGIS integration for map-based analytics.

chart of work types

Business risk & asset scoring

Prioritize critical infrastructure with scoring and risk management factors including probability of failure, consequence of failure, and more.

business risk score

Maintenance: preventive & routine

Schedule maintenance based off of calendar dates, completed maintenance tasks, mileage, runtime hours, and other user-definable metrics.

work order details

Create your ideal user experience

Easily tailor the interface with unlimited custom fields, forms, and automations


Create unlimited automations to tackle unique business processes like follow-up events, assigning and routing work, sending notifications, and much more.

Work faster with maps

Use the included ArcGIS integration to perform actions against multiple assets at once. Automatically add labor, materials, and equipment costing data in just one click.

Keep everyone in the loop

Setup notifications for practically any scenario to ensure everyone stays updated.

Go unlimited

Create unlimited custom forms, record layouts, lists, fields, automations, and more. 

Tailor the interface

Easily configure menus, page layouts, lists, and much more to deliver the best possible user experience.

Go anywhere

Get work done anywhere on any device, with or without an internet connection.

map with business risk score

Find critical assets & prioritize work

Put your energy into a data-driven, non-subjective work queues.

Mitigate risk

Define probability of failure, consequence of failure, and other risk factors using the highly adaptive scoring module to manage unique infrastructure scenarios.

Don't worry be mappy

Elements XS offers the best possible integration with Esri's ArcGIS system.

Use your native web maps, apps, and more throughout Elements XS.

Ditch the data synchronization

Your GIS acts as the singular, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial.  Elements XS makes synchronizing or copying data to and from your GIS a thing of the past.

map of work locations

Share your maps

Use ArcGIS to create live public facing maps with real-time asset management, billing, and project information.

map of high risk assets

Get up and running, fast

Pre-built templates and configurations will get you off to the races in a snap.

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