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Novotx is a long-time Esri business partner, directly utilizing your native GIS as the single, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial.

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2-way integration

Direct, bi-directional integration with your ArcGIS stack.


Of our customers are integrated with Esri.


Of people use our Esri integration every day.

Sales, service, and support

Full-service partners to guide you through the sales process, provide onboarding and support services, 

customizations, GIS services, and more.


Since 2020

Primarily focused in the southeast US, Halff provides a vast array of services for Elements XS.

NewEdge Services

Since 2022

With over 15 years of experience, NewEdge brings next-level insight to those looking for asset management consulting and implementation services.

Horrocks Engineers

Since 2024

Horrocks employs staff with extensive real-world experience using Novotx products and offers a wide range of GIS services to support our technology. 

EJ Prescott

Since 2024

Based in Gardiner, Maine, EJP has led the waterworks industry since 1955.

The Smart Utility Professionals Team at EJP offers sales and technical services for Novotx products to complement their vast catalog of utility-focused products and services.


Since 2024

The Stantec enterprise asset team incorporates best practices and procedures to help clients efficiently manage their asset lifecycles, streamline maintenance operations, maximize supply chain performance, enhance safety, and augment regulatory compliance requirements.

Stantec also provides comprehensive asset management, condition assessment and infrastructure management services.

Sales partners

Experienced partners to guide you through the entire sales process as 

Novotx provides onboarding, support, and all other services.

Tom Toronto GIS

Since 2017

Tom and his team have sold Elements XS for nearly a decade, offering great experiences for customers.

Larson Design Group

Since 2021

Larson Design Group offers services for Elements XS across the continental US.

Third-party integrations

Novotx has successfully integrated with many third-party applications and vendors. Visit our integrations page to check out some of the most common integrations.

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Our partner program

Our technology includes many GIS integration options that exclusively leverage Esri’s ArcGIS system, 

offering many unique and advantageous partnership opportunities. 

Partner Program Objectives

The primary goals and objectives of a Novotx business partnership are to:

  • Maximize client satisfaction by offering the best possible combination of Novotx and Esri technology, implementation, value-added integration, and on-going support services.
  • Provide opportunities for partners to acquire business services from, and foster relationships with, end-users of Novotx software.
  • Increase the exposure, positive recognition, and sales of Novotx and partner offerings through joint promotional efforts.
  • Offer ‘win-win-win’ opportunities for clients, partners, and Novotx with software sales, implementations, and value-added integration services.

Partner Benefits

Novotx partners work directly with our Partner Support Team and receive:

  • Partner-Specific Sales Training and Support
  • Product Support
  • Product Training Services
  • Continuing Education Services

In addition to the benefits of working with our Partner Support Team, Novotx partners receive:

  • Early access to software updates
  • Sponsorship opportunities, participation, and recognition in Elements XS Sales and Customer Webinars, Regional User Groups, Annual User Conferences, and more.
  • Joint marketing and co-branding initiatives at industry events including webinars, trade shows, and conferences.

Partner types

Keeping it simple

so everyone can succeed

Sales Partners

Sales partners work directly with the Novotx internal sales team. 

Sales Partners typically receive a one-time commission on the first-year software sale in exchange for actively guiding a potential Novotx client through the Novotx sales process.

Novotx contracts directly with the client for all aspects of the project and Novotx staff will complete all onboarding, training, support, and other services for the project.

Service Partners

Service partners sell and implement Novotx technology independent of Novotx.

Novotx supports these partners by providing guidance and best practice recommendations while the partner is responsible for executing on all deliverables contracted with the client. Novotx software is licensed directly with, and paid for directly by the client to Novotx. 

Services Partners provide their own services agreements, separate from the Novotx software sales agreement and license agreement, and retain all revenue from services performed.

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