A massive step forward for 
​Planning, building, and administration

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Maps everywhere

Pull up any parcel or section of land to easily create new and interact with historical documents and activities. A direct integration with Esri's modern ArcGIS platform offers the ultimate user experience. 

Planning and building

Process any type of application, permit, or inspection with the most flexible solution on the market, complete with user-definable automations, forms, and so much more.

Easy online submittals

Collect any inbound application or form online with a custom branded portal. Automatically link applications and documents to parcels or other map-based areas of interest for easy record management.

Track all of your applications, permits, inspections and more 

with a powerful all-in-one system.

Time for something different

At last, a way for your applicants to submit applications online into the same enterprise system used by other departments for asset management, citizen requests, billing, and more.

See the Difference

Permits, inspections, and more

Building permits and any other type of application can easily be submitted online through your custom branded portal. Track inspections with fees, follow-up actions, and all other building-related data in the same enterprise system. 

Work from anywhere

Access the entire application anywhere, using any device with internet access. Applicants can submit data from anywhere and internal staff can fully process any application, perform inspections, issue permits, and more from anywhere.

Find anything on the map, easy

All forms, applications, and documents are seamlessly integrated with Esri's ArcGIS system. Click on the map to see all historical and active documents for any area including applications, regulations, permits and much more.

A unified vision for your community

All the tools you need in a single, enterprise platform

Branded public portal

Permit applications, zoning requests, amendments, subdivisions, special land use permits and so much more can easily be submitted and managed online through your custom portal, tailored with your logo and branding.

Process fees online

Process fees for any type of application or document and collect payments online to get your money faster.


Keep applicants in the loop with automated notifications for status updates and more. Applicants can easily login to your custom branded portal at anytime to view status updates on previously submitted applications and interact with your business.

Reports, dashboards, 
& analytics

Use the included designers to create new or modify pre-built reports in a snap. Leverage the seamless ArcGIS integration for map-based analytics.

Business risk & scoring

Make better-informed decisions with scoring and risk management factors that can be considered when approving zoning changes and other decisions.

Real property

Tax classifications, land ownership updates, property use surveys, and more can all be processed in the same unified public portal.

Create your ideal user experience

Easily tailor the interface with unlimited custom fields, forms, and automations


Create unlimited automations to tackle unique business processes like follow-up events, assigning and routing documents, sending notifications, and much more.

Work faster with maps

Find any record by clicking on the map. Use the included ArcGIS integration to automate and perform actions against multiple assets at once.

Keep everyone in the loop

Setup notifications for practically any scenario to ensure everyone stays updated.

Go unlimited

Create unlimited custom forms, record layouts, lists, fields, automations, and more. 

Tailor the interface

Easily configure menus, page layouts, lists, and much more to deliver the best possible user experience.

Go anywhere

Get work done anywhere on any device, with or without an internet connection.

Give back to your community

Prioritize efforts with data-driven, non-subjective work queues.

See everything

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the best pictures are painted when you can understand where things are happening using your maps.

Branded online portal

Applicants can submit any type of request or application through a portal that matches your unique branding, including your unique documents and terminology.

Coordinate your efforts

All departments use the same, unified interface to process documents and interact with applicants - providing a one-stop, seamless experience for citizens and a better coordination of efforts among city staff. 

One interface, for everyone

No need to integrate multiple applications for different departments to share information. Everyone can use the same application and share relevant information for better customer service and fewer headaches.

A better community starts here

Easier applications and better communication for better decisions.

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