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Better maps

A direct integration with Esri's modern ArcGIS platform leverages your GIS as the singular, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial. 

Your ideal UX

The best possible user experience starts here with the most flexible solution on the market, complete with user-definable automations, forms, datasets and more.

All the tools

Powerful asset and workforce management tools, advanced reporting, dashboards, analytics, scheduling and more. Fully accessible on any device, online or offline.

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Elements XS makes it easy to track all of your assets and

infrastructure in unified, enterprise solution.

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Time for something different

At last, an enterprise asset management platform with a true GIS integration

that seamlessly works with the rest of your business.

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Loads of maps

Eliminate data duplication and GIS synchronization complications by directly accessing your ArcGIS system for a real-time connection, utilizing your GIS as the singular asset repository for all things spatial. Read More

Ultra-flexible, no custom code 

Easily tailor menus, page layouts, data grids, and other interface components to reduce clutter and streamline data collection.

Mobile friendly

Access the app on any device from anywhere, online or offline.

Manage your assets like a champ

All the tools you need in a single, unified platform

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Asset & work management

Track any type of work and all critical details for any asset or infrastructure. Work orders, maintenance, requests, costing, risk and so much more.

Calendars & scheduling

Built-in calendars help balance the workload and optimize job scheduling.

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purchase order

Job costing & inventory control

Manage job costs, stock levels, purchasing, receiving, value of inventory on hand, and all other things cost-related.

Reports, dashboards, 
& analytics

Use the included designers to create new or modify pre-built reports in a snap. Leverage the seamless ArcGIS integration for map-based analytics.

chart of asset management data

Business risk & asset scoring

Prioritize critical infrastructure with scoring and risk management factors including probability of failure, consequence of failure, and more.

business risk data screenshot

Maintenance: preventive & routine

Schedule maintenance based off of calendar dates, completed maintenance tasks, mileage, runtime hours, and other user-definable metrics.

routine maintenance work order

Create your ideal user experience

Easily tailor the interface with unlimited custom fields, forms, and automations


Create unlimited automations to tackle unique business processes like follow-up events, assigning and routing work, sending notifications, and much more.

Work faster with maps

Use the included ArcGIS integration to perform actions against multiple assets at once. Automatically add labor, materials, and equipment costing data in just one click.

Keep everyone in the loop

Setup notifications for practically any scenario to ensure everyone stays updated.

Go unlimited

Create unlimited custom forms, record layouts, lists, fields, automations, and more. 

Tailor the interface

Easily configure menus, page layouts, lists, and much more to deliver the best possible user experience.

Go anywhere

Get work done anywhere on any device, with or without an internet connection.

map with business risk data

Find critical assets & prioritize work

Put your energy into a data-driven, non-subjective work queues.

Mitigate risk

Define probability of failure, consequence of failure, and other risk factors using the highly adaptive scoring module to manage unique infrastructure scenarios.

Asset condition assessment

Generate asset condition scores based on maintenance data and other user-definable criteria. Analyze asset condition data to generate maintenance activity and other work.

Maintenance & condition scoring

Auto-generate score values when work is performed on any asset.  View scoring trends over time and create activity based on scoring data.

manhole inspection work order

Depreciation & valuation

Find assets nearing the end of their lifecycle, including estimated repair and replacement costs. Reporting tools to assist with GASB and PSAB requirements are included. 

map showing high risk assets

Get up and running, fast

Pre-built templates and configurations will get you off to the races in a snap.

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