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Kauai, Hawaii / October 1-3, 2024

Novotx Annual User Conference

Join us on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, to interact with Novotx users from all different places, learn how to maximize your Novotx investment, and spend time with our staff.

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San Diego, CA / July 15-19, 2024

Esri UC

Meet our staff at the annual Esri user conference in San Diego to see how utilities and local governments everywhere are using our latest Esri integrations.

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April 3-4 / West Palm Beach, FL

Esri Southeast User Conference

Event Website

April 9-12 / Sacramento, CA

California Water Environmental Association

Event Website

April 9-12 / Fort Worth, TX

Texas Water

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Esri Midwest User Conference

Event Website

May 7-9 / Sacramento, CA

ACWA Spring Conference

Event Website

May 1-3 / Spokane, WA

Pacific Northwest AWWA

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May 6-10 / Price, UT


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June 10-13 / Anaheim, CA


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September 22-25 / TBD

Northwest GIS

Event Website

September / Denver, CO

GIS in the Rockies

Event Website

September 8-11 / Atlanta, GA


Event Website

October 27-30 / Burlington,  VT

Northeast Arc Users Group

Event Website

October / TBD


Event Website

October 22-24 / TBD


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December 8-12 / Orlando, FL

AWWA Florida

Event Website

December / TBD

Esri Mid-Atlantic

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