N'Sync, good. GIS'Sync, bad.
Time for a direct ArcGIS integration

See the Magic
esri maps with asset management data

Direct, real-time maps

Use your native GIS as the singular, authoritative data source for all things spatial with a direct integration to Esri's modern ArcGIS platform.  Use your native web maps, apps, and more throughout the entire platform. No data copying or synchronization. Period.

Maps everywhere

Maps on work orders, citizen requests, utility bills, permits, and everything else. Unlimited purpose-built maps for different users, different types of records, activities, and so much more. Maps everywhere, on everything, all directly using your native Esri tech.

See everything on maps

See locations of work orders, requests, permits, billing data and nearly anything else you can imagine, all in the same application with our direct ArcGIS integration. Maximize your GIS investment and gain a better understanding of where things are happening.

We're proud to be a long-time Esri partner with 

aligned vision and technology.

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What the difference?

Our approach to integrating GIS is different and we think you'll like it.


Just one asset registry, your GIS. Your ArcGIS system is the singular, authoritative system of record for all things spatial.

Directly access any modern, native Esri tech within our platform


Maintain one asset registry in the GIS and another in the enterprise system, requiring additional processes to copy and/or synchronize GIS data

See the Difference

Time for a better integration

At last, an enterprise asset management platform with a direct, real-time GIS integration

that seamlessly works with the rest of your business.

gis map with work order

Read and write in real-time

Update feature data directly from our system and/or update our  data via native Esri tech to seamlessly share data and provide the ultimate user experience. 

Permissions are controlled at the user level via Esri credentials and all map interactions are real-time.

Eliminate duplicate data

Connect directly with an unlimited combination of web maps, scenes, and feature services that have been published via Esri's ArcGIS Enterprise and/or ArcGIS Online.

No limits to the number or types of maps or services that can be utilized, so long as they are supported by the native Esri platform.

See everything

Leverage geoJSON, query layers, and other native Esri tech to geographically represent any dataset across the enterprise. .

Any modern Esri tech

Fully integrated to maximize your GIS investment.

Map-based analytics

Use native Esri analytics tools to gain real-time insight into your enterprise asset management, billing, and more.

dashboard with map

Mitigate business risk

See where high risk assets and infrastructure are located and prioritize efforts with our native GIS integration.

business risk score

Location services

Use location services to automate work assignments, create driving routes, see where crews are located, and much more.

map of work locations

How does the integration work?

Glad you asked.

esri gis integration model

A critical piece of the Esri ecosystem

Augment the apps and solutions you've built with Esri.

map of sample workflow process
Just one of the many ways our tech can integrate with Esri's ArcGIS system.

Get mappy, get happy

With a unified platform and a true GIS integration.

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