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With your citizens and contractors

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Citizen requests

Connect includes out-of-the-box tools to get running with citizen requests. Citizens can report issues on the map, submit photos, and stay in the loop as issues are resolved.

Permits & applications

Advanced configuration of Connect provides solutions for building, right-of-way, and other permit types. Start to finish, including online payments, inspections, and more. 

Anything else

Connect is a modern, flexible public portal that allows you to create any set of data collection forms, then group and associate those with user-definable automations. It's big.  

Made for everyone at your organization

This is not a one-trick pony for one department.

Connect is a fully integrated enterprise application that processes all types of inbound requests and 
applications for all departments.

What's the difference?

Elements XS has been carefully crafted to balance extreme flexibility with simplicity, practicality, 

and the best possible integration with Esri's ArcGIS system.


Processes inbound requests and applications for many groups and departments, consolidating technology and reducing software sprawl

Other Portals

Single-purpose form submittals used by limited groups of people, contributing to software sprawl

Automatically processes records directly into the asset management, permitting, and request system

Sends basic emails upon form submittals, requiring duplicate efforts to process data

Direct, real-time integration with Esri's ArcGIS system

Limited GIS integrations

Delivered with a unified enterprise asset management system

Limited integrations to asset or work management systems

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Branded public portal

Process any inbound request or application with a stunning public portal that showcases your logo, images, colors, and more.

Fees & online payments

Connect integrates with premium payment processors to make paying online easy and help you collect your money faster.

Better notifications

Communicate more efficiently with built-in messaging; keep applicants updated with automated emails for status updates and more.

See the Difference

What can Connect do for you?

More than you think.

Here are just a few of the things our customers are doing with Connect:

Citizen Requests

Downed trees, pot holes, road hazards, leaks, damaged playground equipment, and hundreds of other types of inbound requests.


Commercial and residential construction, right-of-way, utilities, sewer taps, water rights, special events, property use and more.


Utility services, permits, recreational activities, facility reservations, and dozens of other types of applications.

Facility Reservations

Everything from park pavilions to dumpsters, let your citizens make reservations online.

Code Enforcement

Weeds, dilapidated structures, cars on lawns, and any other type of code violation.

Land Use

Tailored applications to ensure proper land use and minimize environmental impact for any project.

Features you'd expect

Innovation that will surprise you

Your maps, with real-time GIS

Give your citizens and contractors the best possible experience by providing live data, directly from your ArcGIS system throughout the Connect portal. Read More

Ultra-flexible, no custom code 

Tailor page layouts and data collection requirements for any process. Set field and document attachment requirements to guide applicants through online submittal processes.

Mobile friendly

Access the app on any device from anywhere with internet access.

Reports, dashboards, 
& analytics

Use the included designers to create new or modify pre-built reports in a snap. Leverage the seamless ArcGIS integration for map-based analytics.

Adaptive, modern interface

Access the application anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. Take work offline using the native mobile apps.

Plays well with others

In addition to ArcGIS, Elements XS has been integrated with countless other technologies used by utilities and local government.

Create your ideal user experience

Enjoy unlimited custom fields, forms, and automations


Create unlimited automations to tackle unique business processes like follow-up events, assigning and routing work, sending notifications, and much more.

Work faster with maps

Use the included ArcGIS integration to understand where things are happening and give your applicants insight during the submittal process.

Keep everyone in the loop

Setup notifications for practically any scenario to ensure everyone stays updated.

Go unlimited

Create unlimited custom forms, record layouts, lists, fields, automations, and more. 

Tailor the interface

Configure form layouts and input processes to deliver the best possible user experience.

Go anywhere

Access the portal anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Don't worry be mappy

Connect offers the best possible integration with Esri's ArcGIS system.

Use your native web maps, apps, and more throughout Connect.

Ditch the data synchronization

Your GIS acts as the singular, authoritative asset repository for all things spatial.  No more synchronizing or copying data to and from your GIS. You're welcome.

Share your maps

Use ArcGIS to create live public facing maps with real-time Connect information including request statuses, open projects, areas of concern, and so much more.

Make their day better with Connect

Your citizens and contractors will thank you.

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