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Hi there! We're Novotx (pronounced "robotics" with an n) and we make software for utilities and local governments who are looking for newer, better ways of doing things.

Our Story

Novotx started when Jason (drums) and Justin (guitar) met in a country rock band in the early 2000's. 

More often than not, software was the topic of discussion between late-night sets at the bar.  The band eventually fizzled and Novotx took off.

Today,  Novotx continues to thrive thanks to the amazing team members that have joined our adventure along the way.


Kenny Chesney, Josh Turner, and Rascal Flats were huge. We were not.


Owned by ourselves, never acquired, never taken outside money.


Hours spent jamming, coding, and adventuring.

Helping utilities and local governments thrive

We're an anomaly around here, as we've never been acquired or taken any outside money.

We think software in this space is lacking in innovation and we're convinced we've cracked the code to fix that.

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Solutions for asset & work management, civic engagement, utility billing, and more.

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"We thrive on adventure and innovation, which makes us unique and exciting.  Novotx is full of bright minds and our software is packed with creativity at every corner. As long as utilities and local governments keep looking for better ways of doing things, we'll be here."

Justin Gough, President and Co-Founder

Values & purpose

that make us tick,

driving our actions and decisions.

Balance in all things

One size does not fit all; we look to balance flexibility and usability in all areas of our tech.

Progress over perfection

As they say, perfection is the enemy of progress. We aim to deliver, then consistently and continuously improve.

Substance over style

First we make sure it works, then we sell it. Not the other way around. 

People come first

We're people first, a business second. We look for adventures in life and software, staying true to our DNA.

Our leadership team

Novotx's leadership team is committed to listening to what our customers want,

balancing that with our core values, and delivering the best possible solution.

Jason Horspool

CEO, Co-Founder

The man with the vision. Jason is ultra-passionate about drums, chicken quesadillas from Chili's, and writing code.

Justin Gough

President, Co-Founder

Primarily overseeing business development, Justin spends his time mountain biking, trail running, camping, and fly fishing when he's not Novotx-ing.

Wade Lowe

Chief Operating Officer

Wade was the first full-time employee at Novotx. He's seen it all and knows Novotx inside and out - rarely takes a day off, but when he does you'll find him with his family.

Summer Navarro

VP, Partner Operations & Technology Services

Die-hard Packers fan, vegetarian, and animal lover.  Summer has also been around since the early days and is a self-proclaimed asset management nerd.

Connor Paige

Onboarding Team Manager

Your best friend in the early stages of an Elements XS deployment, Connor loves exploring those Rocky Mountains of Colorado on his mountain bike or on foot.

Robin Hollingsworth

Tech Support Team Manager

You got 99 problems but broke down software ain't one - at least not when Robin is in charge! This adventurous outdoor enthusiast loves family time and hugs from her growing-up-too-fast kids.

Mike Pritchard

Professional Services Team Manager

Wrangling his 3 young kids and building unreal custom processes using Elements and Connect are Mike's specialties. When he gets a break you'll find him enjoying the great outdoors with his family.

Mike Schwab

Sales Team Manager

When he's not busy doing demos or helping to close deals, Mike spends his time training for his next adventure race or torturous long-distance biking event. Just kidding, that was before he had kids, now he just helps take care of the youngsters.

Raj Patil

Director, International Business

Overseeing our international growth and key business relationships, Raj enjoys cricket, family time, and those giant redwood trees near his home in Northern California.

Kim Kuhn

Customer Success Manager

Kim is a crafty animal lover who somehow ended up in the software world after training to become a veterinarian.  When not helping our customers succeed, she's crafting unique collectibles for her Etsy store and rehabilitating injured animals. 

The dream team

The Novotx sales team is top notch, dedicated to helping you find the best possible solution.

Adam Schmidt

Western / Northern US

This devoted Sacramento Kings fan is watching his team rise and shine this year.  When not cheering for his Kings, he's cheering for his kids.

Kyle Brown

South Central Region

One word: Adventure. Kyle spends his time in the Colorado mountains exploring and being outside every chance he gets. Looking to get out on an adventure with someone at Novotx? Look no further.

Michael Boyd

Eastern US

The "original" Michael at Novotx, Michael spends his time with his wife chasing around their 4 young kids. Michael is an accomplished musician and enjoys DIY projects around the house.


Adventure awaits, 
let's do this.