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Open architecture

Maintaining an open, flexible platform using the latest web technologies is what we do best. Data portability and working with other applications is key to your success and ours.

Webhooks: in and out

Listen for webhooks from thousands of applications to trigger events throughout our system. Send webhooks for any user-definable scenario to create unique integrations with other modern platforms.


Build your dreams using our powerful API's to create and manage records throughout our platform, even when you're not in it.

When we say integration, we mean it

Integrations are thorough and complete, solving real problems.

The skinny

We've worked with countless companies and applications over the past 20 years, each to different extents solving different business cases.

Some of the most common types of integrations are listed here.

What's the difference?


It's not an integration unless two applications thoroughly communicate with each other to solve real-world problems


One limited-functionality touchpoint and it's advertised as an integration

Unmatched flexibility to tailor integrations using user-definable automations and business process definitions

Limited or no ability to tailor integrations

See the Difference

Our most common integrations

For the sake of practicality, we don't list every company and app here.
​As a general guideline, if it's a major player in any of the spaces below you're probably covered.

Maps & GIS


Real-time, bi-directional integration with Esri's ArcGIS system. Use any modern Esri tech directly in our platform. No copying or synchronizing data. Read more

Utility Billing

Many apps and companies

Leverage meter, customer, location, and service data throughout our platform. Integrate requests, work orders, and more. Read more

811 Locates

Works with most 811 call centers in the USA

Locate request is received, processed by our system, and dispatched for completion.  Upon completion a positive response is returned to the call center and data is stored for historical purposes. Read more


Multiple providers

SCADA system sends alarm to Elements XS. Requests, work orders, or maintenance activities are auto-generated based on the type of alarm received. Communication returned to SCADA as appropriate.

Video Inspections & CCTV

Multiple providers

View video inspections within Elements XS. Trigger requests, work orders, and maintenance activity based on data from CCTV system, update CCTV system based on work completed in Elements XS.

Fleet & Fuel

Multiple providers

Trigger maintenance based on mileage and other activity from fleet management systems. View the locations of your fleet on GIS maps in and automate dispatching processed based on location service data.

311 / Citizen Requests

A few providers

While our Connect application offers the best integration with the rest of our platform, our API's provide the ability for 311 systems to trigger requests and work in Elements XS and return data to the 311 system as appropriate.


Many providers

Through our direct ArcGIS integration, street level imagery and many other types of 3rd party imagery services are supported throughout our platform.

Financial Systems

A few providers

Keep inventory, costing, and payroll information updated between your financial system and Elements XS.

* Contact us to learn more about individual integration features and options. As with any technology integration, features may vary based on the specifics of your deployment and technology stack.*


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