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Customers & locations

Use your billing as the system of record for customers and service locations. Directly access billing data through our enterprise asset management platform for better coordination among departments.

Meter management

Meter changeouts, installations, replacements, and removals have never been easier. Post transactions to your utility billing app directly from the field using our enterprise asset management solution.

Bring it all together

Maps, asset management, permits, citizen requests, and more can all be brought together with utility billing data using our powerful billing integrations.

Synchronizing billing data with other apps is no fun

Luckily, you don't have to anymore.

The skinny

Novotx has worked with multiple utility billing vendors over the years to create the ideal integration.

We think it's important for the each customer to have their best possible experience, which means we're happy to work with billing providers everywhere to make it happen.

What's the difference?

Our integration

Real-time access to request and work order data, no data duplication

Real-time access to customer, meter, service, and location details from anywhere on any device

Powerful GIS integration with Esri's ArcGIS system enabling users to view real-time billing data on maps in Elements XS


Copy service order or work order information back and forth, duplicating data and efforts

No direct access to customer, meter, service, or location details

Limited or no GIS integration

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Partnered relationships

We've worked closely with each of the companies below to create unique utility billing integrations.


Bi-directional live data connection

Based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, CUSI has worked with Novotx since 2008, originally pioneering the first-of-its-kind bi-directional live integration with utility billing.


Two-way sync *

Based on the east coast, Muni-Link offers a cloud-based SaaS utility billing solution with a two way synchronizing integration.


Two-way sync *

Focused on energy, water, and retail, SmartGrid offers CIS and utility billing solutions for utilities of all sizes.


Two-way sync *

The original business unit of Harris Computer Systems, NorthStar offers a suite of solutions in the utility billing and CIS marketplace.


One-way view *

Cogsdale offers an array of products covering everything from meter-to-cash management, billing, and financial operations.


One-way view *

A product of Innovative Systems, eLation offers billing and operations support systems.

* Contact us to learn more about individual integration features and options. As with any technology integration, your mileage may vary based on the specifics of your deployment and technology stack.

More utility billing providers

In addition to the above utility billing providers, Novotx has built integrations with: 

Caselle, Tyler Munis, Tyler Incode, and STW.


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